Uppy Hugs

Dear Diary Thursday, June 25th I had an author interview with Scott from Cable 14 City Matters. At the end of the interview he and the producer asked if I could send them a few pictures to add to the recording before it’s aired on Tuesday (to be confirmed). More specifically pictures of me and Joey, […]

My Dad (1939-2012)

Dear Diary Father’s Day was yesterday. As much as I wanted to write about my dad I couldn’t grasp the words circling out of control, like a tornado, in my brain. Inner turmoil of sadness, anger, joy and guilt has been chewing away at every thread of my conscience. Not that I have anything to […]

Shitty Situation

Dear Diary, Yesterday I found myself in a very shitty situation! But before I get into that let’s talk about daycare. Doug Ford recently announced that daycare centres will be re-opening as of Friday, June 12th.  My heart explodes with emotion when I say that five of the most beautiful little human beings, between the […]


Dear Diary Do you ever wonder why the things you hate the most mysteriously show up to haunt you for days in a row? You could go months and be ok but then there it is staring back at you with its bigger than smug life attitude. Keeping you awake at night! Here’s how it […]

George Floyd

Dear Diary The CBCNews Morning Brief arrived in my inbox this morning as it does every morning. The headline read, “How to talk to your kids about race, and why you should start now.” Why this and why now? Because on May 25, 2020 an African American man by the name of George Floyd died […]

Mentally Exhausted

Dear Diary Thomas Carlyle said “A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder – waif, nothing, a no man.” “I’ve been feeling like a ship set sail without a rudder lately. You know me, I get this way when I have a lot on my mind and can’t see the forest […]

Author Interview – Dubai

Dear Diary Today I received a heartwarming review from Ayushi a book blogger who reads and reviews books on her website BookishAyushi (where my interview is posted) as well as on her Facebook,  Instagram and Goodreads accounts.  Yes, it’s exciting to receive a great review on my book but I had no idea that it would connect me […]

I’ve Got This

Dear Diary I think I’m up shit creek without a paddle! Not that it’s been my first time up shit creek but holy crap what have I gotten myself into?  Eight days has passed since my marketing consultant finalized and emailed me the link to my author website. It’s beautiful but what am I supposed […]


September 24, 1979  “You’re making a very selfless and brave decision,” said the soft-spoken, dark-haired social worker as she slowly slid the documents onto the cold overbed table positioned across my lap.  Glancing down at the document, Joey’s and my mother’s names were staring back at me. If giving our baby a name was the […]

Author Q&A

What inspired you to write about your story? It started out as a gift for my daughter on the 20th anniversary of our reunion. For the first two months before our physical reunion, we exchanged emails. Those emails were stored on floppy discs and still are. I started compiling them into a book, just one […]