About the Book

Cathy and Joey grew up in Newfoundland and met at the age of fifteen in a fish processing plant in the Town of Bay Bulls. Realizing they were pregnant at seventeen filled their hearts with joy until reality hit.

Growing up in dysfunctional homes they wanted their child to have nothing of what they had and everything of what they couldn’t give her. Adoption was the only recourse. When relatives in Ontario offered to help them get established, 9 months after they placed their child for adoption, Cathy was hurt and internalized her anger. But they took advantage of this opportunity to get a fresh start in Ontario, married at nineteen and had two more children. Cathy counted down nineteen years and then, as promised, she hired a private investigator to find her daughter.

Does She Think of Me is a story of hardship, inexplicable heartbreak and the healing power of forgiveness through reunion.

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This emotional glimpse into the depths of one women’s pain and suffering artfully depicts an unfortunate social reality that we are all hurting from our own past trauma’s. Cathy Williams-Thrun has created a courageous narrative that not only allows her to heal from her own pain and suffering but also to give the gift of hope to those processing through their own story. Here within these pages lie a heart wrenching, tear inducing glimpse into the power of love, hope and the desire to heal from one’s past. Although Cathy’s story was forged from a unique collection of her own experiences, it makes space for the reader to find their way through whatever painful truths that they are holding onto.
Traci Trimble,
Phd Metaphysical Psychology and Energy Medicine
Giving up a child for adoption is a grief experience shared by many but spoken of by few. Cathy Williams-Thrun’s candid, warm and articulate memoir offers parents and children at all vantage points of the adoption process a depth of insight that is rare and extremely moving.
Marni Woodrow
Canadian Author & Editor