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Author Interview – Dubai

Dear Diary

Today I received a heartwarming review from Ayushi a book blogger who reads and reviews books on her website BookishAyushi (where my interview is posted) as well as on her Facebook,  Instagram and Goodreads accounts. 

Yes, it’s exciting to receive a great review on my book but I had no idea that it would connect me with people from all across the globe. Ayushi is from Dubai and although she lives in a beautiful part of the world she does dream of planting her roots in Canada one day. I told her to never give up. Anything is possible with a dream and patience. 

But having a conversation with her did peak my curiosity to learn more about Dubai. Here’s proof I’m not a well travelled person and why I failed geography. I thought Dubai was in India. My husband is probably shaking his head right now asking, “Why would you think Dubai is in India?” Clearly he paid more attention to geography in school than I did. 

I’ve learned that although Dubai is the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates it has the largest population with over 3.33 million inhabitants (as of Sept. 2019). The city is roughly 35 sq km in size and is poised to expand to twice the size with the addition of man made islands; the Waterfront, the three Palms, the World, the Universe, Dubailand, as well as many other construction projects underway in the desert. Umm Suqeim Beach has a hotel that looks like a sail. How cool is that? There is a place called the Dubai Miracle Garden where a plane looks like it had just landed in a field of flowers…stunning! 

Well, I could write for days on the culture, restaurants, beaches, nightlife and shopping in Dubai but for now I’ll pour another coffee and continue my online research of this beautiful country.

Thanks for listening old friend. 



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