I’ve Got This

Dear Diary

I think I’m up shit creek without a paddle! Not that it’s been my first time up shit creek but holy crap what have I gotten myself into? 

Eight days has passed since my marketing consultant finalized and emailed me the link to my author website. It’s beautiful but what am I supposed to do with this now? The attached how-to-guides, links to Youtube and Elementor video’s was a little overwhelming. Elementor is a program used to update the website? I think I got that right!

Technology doesn’t scare me but holy crap I do know that if I hit the wrong button the website, which is live, could end up looking like a dogs breakfast. How do I know this? Because on day one, true to form, I went exploring somewhere I shouldn’t have without reviewing any material and sure enough the home page didn’t quite look like it did when it arrived all shiny and new in my inbox.

Someone once told me if you just say ‘fuck’ everything will be ok. Let’s be real here I dropped more than one ‘f’ bomb in that moment. I could have sent out an ‘SOS’ alert to my marketing consultant but with zero budget left, support going forward would have a dollar value associated with it. Besides, she’s three hours behind in British Columbia (Canada) and I’m in Ontario (Canada). Not to mention I was sitting in front of the TV watching the season finale of the Voice when I messed up my website. Timing was of the essence here! I know what you’re going to say. You can’t teach yourself a new tool while praying the sexy Pastor with eight kids would win the singing competition. My prayers were answered, Todd Tilghman won!

Any technology I’ve worked on in the past had a version history so fingers crossed this does as well. Sure enough I found an earlier version, went back in time and no one was the wiser. It does help that no one knew I had a website or that one existed until today. 

You see that picture in the left hand corner that reads, YOU’VE GOT THIS? Of all the training material I had in my possession do you think I could find out how to insert one there? Two days of carrying my laptop and print-outs from my home office, to my bed, to the living room couch and back to bed until I passed out from mental exhaustion. Mental exhaustion…there’s a topic of discussion for another day! 

For today, I’m in a good place! It may have taken me eight days to figure out how to create this, add a picture and then post it but I’m feeling pretty accomplished… I’VE GOT THIS! 

Next step is learning how to market on social media and master #hashtags. Wish me luck!

Thanks for listening old friend. 


  1. Yes, the f-bombs do help! This all looks amazing Cathy. Well done – Congrats!
    I will be a regular visitor. Please give your wonderful hubby a hug from me.

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